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Circuit Analysis Calculators

· 2 min read

This blog post is dedicated to circuit analysis calculators created for MecSimCalc.

Thevenin Equivalent Circuit CalculatorThis app shows the Thevenin equivalent circuit for a simple circuit with a parallel load. The Thevenin voltage, Thevenin resistance and current flowing through the load resistor is returned.
Voltage Divider CalculatorThis is an app for a voltage divider circuit. The user first inputs the input voltage (V), and the values of two resistors (Ω, kΩ, MΩ). Using the inputs and the voltage divider equation, the output voltage (V) measured across resistor 2 is returned.
Current Divider CalculatorThis is an app for a current divider circuit. The user inputs an input voltage (V) and the values of up to 5 resistors (Ω) in parallel. After finding the total current, the calculator uses the current divider equation to generate a table showing the various current (A) flowing through each resistor.
Op-Amp Gain and Output Voltage CalculatorOperational amplifiers are an active circuit component commonly used in various circuits. This app uses an op-amp in two common configurations, an inverting and non-inverting amplifier. The user selects which configuration they are using, the value of the input resistor (Ω, kΩ, MΩ), the feedback resistor (Ω, kΩ, MΩ) and the input voltage (V). Depending on the circuit chosen, a gain and the corresponding output voltage is calculated and displayed as well as an image of the circuit schematic.
Parallel Resistance CalculatorThis app calculates the equivalent resistance of a circuit containing resistors in parallel. The user inputs up to 8 resistors (Ω) and using the parallel resistance equation, an equivalent resistance for the circuit is returned.
Resistor Color Code Calculator (4 Band)This app decodes the value of a 4 band axial lead resistor. The user selects 4 colors (left to right), and the corresponding resistance value and tolerance is given.