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Welcome to MecSimCalc

· 3 min read
Samer Adeeb

Welcome to our newly released MecSimCalc platform for creating and sharing computational tools on the web. With a few very simple steps, educators and professionals can create interactive web applications for their students or clients.

MecSimCalc has been a concept in my head since I joined the Engineering Faculty at the University of Alberta in 2007. At the time, I was looking for an easy way to create interactive web examples for my students to help them visualize different Mathematical and Engineering concepts. Throughout the years, I experimented with webMathematica and javascripts. However, dealing with web infrastructure has always been a struggle. I still remember the agony of trying to switch my whole website from traditional HTTP to HTTPS or the yearly agony of renewing the licenses of the different components that I was using. Throughout the years, my experience has shaped my vision for creating MecSimCalc as a platform that frees the developer from all the ever changing web architecture to allow them to focus on their application.

MecSimCalc is a simple, yet extremely powerful platform that has applications in a large array of fields. Here is an example in Medicine, by answering a simple questionnaire, a visitor to the app can identify their diabetes risk. The app was created based on an algorithm published on a Canadian government website. For University Mathematics Education, a student can enter any functional expression and the limits of an integral while the interactive app would calculate the numerical integral and would provide a plot, powered by matplotlib for visual illustration of the example.

We created MecSimCalc for professionals in engineering and finance. Consider the app that can be distributed by a mortgage specialist to his or her clients to help them identify the price of the house that matches their finances. Or consider the Engineering app that uses the CorLAS algorithm to calculate the failure pressure of pipelines with longitudinal crack like features. While these apps are currently publicly available, we can work with any professionals to help them build and share their specific applications only with their clients.

I welcome all our visitors to explore the different applications that have been created using MecSimCalc.

We also invite all professionals, scientists, and educators who would like to publicly or privately publish their lively algorithms to try out our free platform. We promise to keep it free for any publicly available applications. We are also happy to work with any professionals wishing to use MecSimCalc for their enterprise applications.

Please send us any suggestions, questions, or inquiries to