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Documentation for MecSimCalc

The simplest way to build and share computational tools on the web. Create and share your Python apps in minutes using our intuitive and simple platform. contains detailed documentation on how to use These pages contain a rich collection of examples with images and code.

Getting Started

Get started with your first app within minutes by following our step-by-step guide. 😊


Check out how other users are using MecSimCalc and for curated lists of apps on our blog! 😍

How apps work

  1. Input: the value for input_0 is inputted by the user.
  2. Code: the user input is accessed in the code using inputs['input_0']. Calculations are executed using the popular Python language, and computed outputs are returned.
  3. Output: the three outputs returned from Code are embedded in rich text using {{outputs.Metre}}, {{outputs.Feet}}, and {{outputs.Inches}}.

This diagram is based on the distance converter app.

img alt

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