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Being the second competition of our monthly Fall/Winter Hackathons of 2022/2023, this competition sponsored by 1984 Ventures, was aimed to increase the number of users and showcase the versatility of the platform. Users created an app on the MecSimCalc website, tagged it as "Comp11052022" and published it for a chance to win $100. Throughout the competition there were 57 sign-ups and 8 submissions. This blog post is dedicated to the top 5 scoring apps from MecSimCalc's November 5th - November 12th, 2022 Hackathon 3.0. To view all apps submitted during the competition, visit this collection: Hackathon 3.0 Submissions.

Hackathon 3.0 Poster

Linear Algebra GenieVaibhav ThalankiGrand Prize Winner ($100)
Car-cationSankalp SainiTop 5 App
Counting and Binomial DistributionZouhair FakhouryTop 5 App
CipherBotRishi SandranaTop 5 App
Complex Number Solver and GrapherAkshay Kumar SharmaTop 5 App

Linear Algebra Genie (WINNER)โ€‹

About Vaibhav Thalankiโ€‹

I am Vaibhav Thalanki from Chennai, India. I am currently pursuing my undergraduate in computer science at VIT University. Some things I am very much interested in are deep learning and product development. I have participated in quite a few hackathons before this one. I also attended the previous MecSlimCalc buildathons. (Vaibhav has participated in 3/3 MecSimCalc hackathons so far!)

About My Appโ€‹

As a computer science undergraduate at university, I encountered the linear algebra course. It included heavy use of matrices and operations on them, which can get a little out of hand as they are not easy to calculate and comprehend. I used many online calculators for matrix operations to save time. I then decided to create this app titled "Linear Algebra Genie". This can prove extremely useful to other university students and professors.

The app has operations like matrix multiplication, matrix inverse, row-space,column-space, and null-space calculations, QR decomposition, and eigenvector solving. You can input any 3x3 matrix into the app for any of the operations mentioned above and click "Submit" to get the answers. The Output page also consists of definitions and formulae which is used to calculate the same.

My experience with MecSimCalcโ€‹

MecSlimCalc is an amazing platform to work on and explore. The professor and the students behind the MecSlimCalc project have succeeded in their goals. The website is simply brilliant and I would be using it for a lot more stuff.


About Sankalp Sainiโ€‹

Hello, Iโ€™m a fifth year Computer Science Undergraduate student at the U of A.

About My Appโ€‹

I made this app because my family loves to go on road trips and weโ€™ve always had to calculate/estimate our trips by hand. I wanted to create a calculator that could just do this for me!

My experience with MecSimCalcโ€‹

I enjoyed using MecSimCalc a lot and I think with more libraries, it has tremendous potential!

Counting and Binomial Distributionโ€‹

About Zouhair Fakhouryโ€‹

Hi, this is Zouhair. I'm a Lebanese senior high school student passionate about coding and motorsports. I started programming at 14 years old with Python. I'm interested in various tech disciplines, such as Cybersecurity, Arduino, and multi-platform app development. I plan on following a major in Computer Science to specialize in Software Engineering.

About My Appโ€‹

As I continuously improve and advance in mathematics, I tend to consolidate my knowledge by various means. In this case, it's programming. Thus, I built a Counting and Binomial Distribution tool for MecSimCalc's Hackathon 3.0. The app accomplishes two majors tasks:

  • Return a customizable list of combinations, permutations, etc., with given arguments of any character set
  • Calculate binomial probabilities with their means, variances, and standard deviations

My experience with MecSimCalcโ€‹

I am a recurring MecSimCalc user. What kept me going for this platform was its intuitiveness and ease of use. The features of all types help you build computational tools regardless of what you're dealing with. Remarkably, it's accessible by users from any device without the constraints of deploying your applications. I always am hyped to see its future improvements.


About Rishi Sandranaโ€‹

Hello! I'm Rishi and I'm a junior at Walter Payton College Prep.

About My Appโ€‹

Cryptography has been a passion of mine for some time, so I thought that creating CipherBot, a program that could encrypt/decrypt in multiple ciphers, would be a fun project that'd utilize my Python knowledge.

My experience with MecSimCalcโ€‹

I thought that MecSimCalc was a good platform for making your own web application and I liked its simplicity and beginner-friendly interface, though multi-file support and more customizability for the home page would be fantastic.

Complex Number Solver and Grapherโ€‹

About Akshay Kumar Sharmaโ€‹

Hi! I am Akshay.

About My Appโ€‹

I built this app to show the properties of complex numbers and to take part in mecsimcalc hackathon 3.

My experience with MecSimCalcโ€‹

I had a great experience building this all on MecSimCalc platform.

We are hosting another hackathon from December 17th - December 24th 2022. For a chance to win $150, please check out the DevPost to find out more!โ€‹

Hackathon 4.0 Poster