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· 5 min read

At the beginning of 2023, MecSimCalc ran our sixth hackathon. This competition sponsored by 1984 Ventures and echo3D, was aimed to showcase MecSimCalc as a platform for creating web applications in Python. The theme for this hackathon was "Creating a calculator that you would use for one of your classes". Users created an app on the MecSimCalc website, tagged it as "Comp01212023" and published it for a chance to win $100. Throughout the competition there were 66 sign-ups and 8 submissions. This blog post is dedicated to the top 5 scoring apps from MecSimCalc's January 21st - January 28th, 2023 Hackathon 5.0. To view all apps submitted during the competition, you can check out this collection: Hackathon 5.0 Submissions.

Hackathon 5.0 Poster

Annualized Rate of ReturnPhilippe Saint-AmandGrand Prize Winner ($100)
Offset-CDevaraja GTop 5 App
VisualizerRaj KumarTop 5 App
Equation BalancerPulkit GovraniTop 5 App
Black ScholesAmysoj J A Exson JosephTop 5 App

Annualized Rate of Return (Grand Prize Winner)

Philippe Saint-Amand

About Me

My name is Philippe and I live in Belgium.

I’m eager to learn and in my free time, I love playing around with Python and test libraries in various area : Data Analytics, Security, Web Development, Image processing, Geolocation/Geomapping, …

So when I saw a site where the key message is “Create and share your Python web apps in minutes for free”, I have of course to test it!

I added also an extra challenge by participating to my first hackathon. So I’m really astonished but very proud about the end result.

About my app and why I made it

As the theme of the hackathon was creating a calculator, I was first thinking of traditional conversion calculator (like height, weight, distance, etc.) as I’m from Europe & you are from North America.

Meanwhile It sounds too simple & I want also to try the possibility to display some visuals (what sounds difficult with a conversion calculator).

Then comes to me this idea of Annualized RoR with also explanation of compound interest. Also, the Annualized RoR is really useful if you want to compare different possible investments & not so straight forward to obtain by doing mental calculation (at least for me 😉). So I can indeed rely on a tool for this calculation & this can be useful for others as well so a good reason to publish on a web site.

My experience with MecSimCalc

I have to say MecSimCalc is really easy to use & it corresponds to my philosophy of working. Indeed, my side I prefer to work on the business logic part (backend side) of an app and don’t want to pass too much time developing the frontend part. So having a framework proposing me a no-code approach for the presentation part meets my expectations. Your idea to have a reach text editor, a collection of input fields with pre-validation of parameter values is really great.

For the input part, I was able to very quickly present/document the app using text editor (instead of HTML or Markdown that will takes more time). The default template of presentation is good. Of course there is no possibility to have too much customization but for me, at the moment I have a default nice layout, I have no problem to stitch to it. The only issue I have seen is related to the mobile view (see more details at the end of this e-mail)

For the output part, integrating Jinja to a rich text editor instead of HTML is just awesome.

Black Scholes (Top 5 App)

About Amysoj J A Exson Joseph

I am a computer science engineering student in my final year, hailing from Tamil Nadu, India. Building websites and native applications is a hobby of mine, and I am eager to take the skills and knowledge I have gained through my studies to the next level. I am excited to see where my interests in technology will take me in the future.

About my App

I built a Black-Scholes option pricing calculator app to provide a simple and user-friendly interface for determining option prices. My goal is to support informed decision-making in finance by combining my technical and financial knowledge.

My experience with MecSimCalc

I recently started using MecSimCalc and I am thoroughly impressed with its capabilities. As a Python developer, I appreciate the ease with which I can create and share web applications with just a few clicks. The platform's intuitive interface and streamlined process have saved me so much time and effort compared to other similar tools I have used in the past. I highly recommend MecSimCalc to any Python developer looking for a fast and simple way to create and share web applications.

We are hosting another hackathon from March 18th - March 25th 2023. For a chance to win $100, please check out the DevPost to find out more!

Hackathon 6.0 Poster

· 8 min read

During December of 2022 MecSimCalc ran a hackathon the week before Christmas. This competition sponsored by 1984 Ventures, was aimed to increase the number of users and showcase the versatility of the platform, as well as give one lucky winner some cash for the holidays. Users created an app on the MecSimCalc website, tagged it as "Comp12172022" and published it for a chance to win $150. Throughout the competition there were 141 sign-ups and 21 submissions. This blog post is dedicated to the top 5 scoring apps from MecSimCalc's December 17th - December 24th, 2022 Hackathon 4.0. To view all apps submitted during the competition, visit this collection: Hackathon 4.0 Submissions.

Hackathon 4.0 Poster

Financial PortalBraxton Diaz, Travis Lee, Kim Ngoc Thien Phan, Nicole EncinasGrand Prize Winner ($150)
NYC Vehicle Collision VisualizationTanya Sabarwal, Piyush MohanTop 5 App
Indonesia Tourism Destination Recommendation SystemRafka Imanda PutraTop 5 App
Statistics HelperAkshay Kumar SandraTop 5 App
Color Pallet GeneratiorKevin OharaTop 5 App

Financial Portal (Grand Prize Winner)

Braxton Diaz

About Me

My name is Braxton Diaz and I am currently a Senior at the University of Washington Bothell. I am studying computer science and hope to land a job as a full-stack engineer. I worked with a team of 3 other students to complete this project.

About our App

Financial portal is a dashboard that allows users to calculate their monthly expenses, savings goals, and calculate the future value of their investments. We made this app to let people easy track and visualize their spending so they can improve their financial habits.

My experience with MecSimCalc

MecSimCalc was a great, easy-to-use platform for developing web applications. It was very intuitive and allowed for creating applications without the need for HTML/CSS or JavaScript. This allowed us quickly ship a full stack application only using python.

Nicole Encinas

About Me

My name is Nicole and I am a graduate student studying Human Computer Interaction. I am passionate about using technology and design to simplify complex issues.

About our App

The Financial Portal helps people manage money better and make smart financial decisions. Our team recognized the universal relevance of financial management and wanted to create an app that could address a common issue.

My experience with MecSimCalc

We found MecSimCalc intuitive and easy-to-use.

Kim Ngoc Thien Phan

About Me

I go by Kim Phan (she/her). My major is Computer Science. Besides, I also learn UX/UI design because I like making template for the website.

About our App

Our financial portal app is a great tool to help people calculate the percent of expense you spend in a month. We also help you figure how long you will reach your saving goal based on your current contribution each month. The last feature is to calculate the power of compound interest when you invest. Finance is really important in our life. Knowing how to manage it will bring you to a successful future.

My experience with MecSimCalc

This is the first time I use MecSimCalc to do a Hackathon. It is a user friendly tool and convenient to design template for the input, output.

NYC Vehicle Collision Visualization

About Tanya Sabarwal and Piyush Mohan

Hey! I am Tanya Sabarwal from Chennai, India. I am in the final year of my Computer Science and Engineering undergraduate degree. My passion for Machine Learning, Data Science, and Visualization drew me to this hackathon and I also intend to pursue my master's degree in this field.

Hello! I’m Piyush Mohan from India and I’m a student currently in my final year of B.Tech. I enjoy taking part in various hackathons and bringing innovative ideas to life via projects such as the one mentioned here. My area of interests lie in fields of Data Analytics and Visualisation and I also like to work with Machine Learning & Deep Learning.

About our App

As soon as we decided to take part in the hackathon, we hopped onto MecSimCalc’s explore page and also went through the list of supported libraries. While doing so, we realised that there weren’t enough apps made with Folium and having worked with it before in previous hackathons, we decided to go with it.

The application provides an insight to the Vehicle Collision problem in New York. It provides an easy way of simplifying and analysing the data with interactive maps that can be customised on the basis of user inputs. Apart from spreading awareness about the issue, the app also helps in visualising and learning more about the problem which would eventually lead to better solutions and regulations to road safety.

My experience with MecSimCalc

MecSimCalc is a very good platform for beginners and its flexibility also makes it a wonderful tool for experienced developers to create apps of any kind. The website's samples and tutorials were quite helpful and beginner-friendly which is always a great kickstart. We loved being able to write code and test it directly in the browser. The drag-and-drop interface for input widgets is simple to use and helped in adding or changing elements quickly. Overall, we are glad to have tried it and will definitely continue using it for future projects.

Indonesia Tourism Destination Recommendation System

About Rafka Imanda Putra

12th-grade student from SMK Negeri 4 Bandung majoring in software engineering. I started learning programming in early 2021 and have an interest in machine learning and back-end development. Apart from that, I am also active in coaching students to become skilled by taught basics of web development and personal branding for members of the IT extracurricular at my school.

About my App

The Indonesia Tourism Destination Recommendation System aims to provide recommendations on tourist attractions for tourists who want to visit the top 5 cities in Indonesia, especially on the island of Java. This recommendation system is built with content-based filtering which will return locations based on the similarity of the category the user wants.

My experience with MecSimCalc

It is an excellent platform for building computing tools and even implementing machine learning. At first, the app that I had only ran on a local notebook, where the user had to run all the code to get recommendations. But with MecSimCalc, users can directly input what they want and quickly where recommendations will be displayed.

Statistics Helper

About Akshay Kumar Sharma

Hi! I'm Akshay Kumar Sharma. I am a full-stack web developer. I am currently in 11th standard. I love maths and coding.

About my App

I made the Statistics Helper app in Mecsimcalc Hackathon 4. I made this statistics problem solver app to automate some of the hard work to do when we are solving stats. This app can provide quick results via tables, graphs, formulas etc. This app is also a great resource to learn stats for newcomers as it explains every step of it's solution.

I built this project because there's been a lot of times when I have solve lengthy questions on stats and one silly mistake can make all the efforts go into vain. So, to learn myself and to help others learn stats, I made this app. Stats is a very interesting subject, It can reveal many fascinating outcomes but before that you have to do some hard calculations if your data is big. There are many calculators on the internet but a very few of them provide solution and nothing is like "Statistics Helper" which also provides tables, graphs, what formula was used etc.

My experience with MecSimCalc

I really enjoyed participating in the mecsimcalc hackathon and thought that the event was very well-organized. I appreciated the opportunity to work on my own projects and get help and support from the mentors and organizers when needed. The prizes and incentives were also motivating, and I felt that they added an extra level of excitement to the event. Overall, my experience at the hackathon was excellent and I would definitely participate in future events hosted by mecsimcalc. Thank you for putting on such a great event!

Color Pallet Generator

We are hosting another hackathon from January 21st - January 28th 2023. For a chance to win $100, please check out the DevPost to find out more!

Hackathon 5.0 Poster

· 5 min read

Being the second competition of our monthly Fall/Winter Hackathons of 2022/2023, this competition sponsored by 1984 Ventures, was aimed to increase the number of users and showcase the versatility of the platform. Users created an app on the MecSimCalc website, tagged it as "Comp11052022" and published it for a chance to win $100. Throughout the competition there were 57 sign-ups and 8 submissions. This blog post is dedicated to the top 5 scoring apps from MecSimCalc's November 5th - November 12th, 2022 Hackathon 3.0. To view all apps submitted during the competition, visit this collection: Hackathon 3.0 Submissions.

Hackathon 3.0 Poster

Linear Algebra GenieVaibhav ThalankiGrand Prize Winner ($100)
Car-cationSankalp SainiTop 5 App
Counting and Binomial DistributionZouhair FakhouryTop 5 App
CipherBotRishi SandranaTop 5 App
Complex Number Solver and GrapherAkshay Kumar SharmaTop 5 App

Linear Algebra Genie (WINNER)

About Vaibhav Thalanki

I am Vaibhav Thalanki from Chennai, India. I am currently pursuing my undergraduate in computer science at VIT University. Some things I am very much interested in are deep learning and product development. I have participated in quite a few hackathons before this one. I also attended the previous MecSlimCalc buildathons. (Vaibhav has participated in 3/3 MecSimCalc hackathons so far!)

About My App

As a computer science undergraduate at university, I encountered the linear algebra course. It included heavy use of matrices and operations on them, which can get a little out of hand as they are not easy to calculate and comprehend. I used many online calculators for matrix operations to save time. I then decided to create this app titled "Linear Algebra Genie". This can prove extremely useful to other university students and professors.

The app has operations like matrix multiplication, matrix inverse, row-space,column-space, and null-space calculations, QR decomposition, and eigenvector solving. You can input any 3x3 matrix into the app for any of the operations mentioned above and click "Submit" to get the answers. The Output page also consists of definitions and formulae which is used to calculate the same.

My experience with MecSimCalc

MecSlimCalc is an amazing platform to work on and explore. The professor and the students behind the MecSlimCalc project have succeeded in their goals. The website is simply brilliant and I would be using it for a lot more stuff.


About Sankalp Saini

Hello, I’m a fifth year Computer Science Undergraduate student at the U of A.

About My App

I made this app because my family loves to go on road trips and we’ve always had to calculate/estimate our trips by hand. I wanted to create a calculator that could just do this for me!

My experience with MecSimCalc

I enjoyed using MecSimCalc a lot and I think with more libraries, it has tremendous potential!

Counting and Binomial Distribution

About Zouhair Fakhoury

Hi, this is Zouhair. I'm a Lebanese senior high school student passionate about coding and motorsports. I started programming at 14 years old with Python. I'm interested in various tech disciplines, such as Cybersecurity, Arduino, and multi-platform app development. I plan on following a major in Computer Science to specialize in Software Engineering.

About My App

As I continuously improve and advance in mathematics, I tend to consolidate my knowledge by various means. In this case, it's programming. Thus, I built a Counting and Binomial Distribution tool for MecSimCalc's Hackathon 3.0. The app accomplishes two majors tasks:

  • Return a customizable list of combinations, permutations, etc., with given arguments of any character set
  • Calculate binomial probabilities with their means, variances, and standard deviations

My experience with MecSimCalc

I am a recurring MecSimCalc user. What kept me going for this platform was its intuitiveness and ease of use. The features of all types help you build computational tools regardless of what you're dealing with. Remarkably, it's accessible by users from any device without the constraints of deploying your applications. I always am hyped to see its future improvements.


About Rishi Sandrana

Hello! I'm Rishi and I'm a junior at Walter Payton College Prep.

About My App

Cryptography has been a passion of mine for some time, so I thought that creating CipherBot, a program that could encrypt/decrypt in multiple ciphers, would be a fun project that'd utilize my Python knowledge.

My experience with MecSimCalc

I thought that MecSimCalc was a good platform for making your own web application and I liked its simplicity and beginner-friendly interface, though multi-file support and more customizability for the home page would be fantastic.

Complex Number Solver and Grapher

About Akshay Kumar Sharma

Hi! I am Akshay.

About My App

I built this app to show the properties of complex numbers and to take part in mecsimcalc hackathon 3.

My experience with MecSimCalc

I had a great experience building this all on MecSimCalc platform.

We are hosting another hackathon from December 17th - December 24th 2022. For a chance to win $150, please check out the DevPost to find out more!

Hackathon 4.0 Poster

· 6 min read

After the success of MecSimCalc's first hackathon in July, we had decided to run a Hackathon each month starting in October. This competition sponsored by 1984 Ventures, was aimed to increase the number of users and showcase the versatility of the platform. Users would create an app on the MecSimCalc website, tag it as "Comp10082022" and publish it for a chance to win $100. Throughout the competition there were 56 sign-ups and 16 submissions. This blog post is dedicated to the top 5 scoring apps from MecSimCalc's October 8th - October 15th, 2022 Build-A-Thon 2.0. To view all apps submitted during the competition, visit this collection: Build-a-Thon 2.0 Submissions.

Hackathon 2.0 Poster

Quadratic Equations SolverZouhair FakhouryGrand Prize Winner ($100)
Quality of Life AppAnika KrishnanTop 5 App
Your Trip BuddyVaibhav ThalankiTop 5 App
Sudoku SolverMichael JeanTop 5 App
Auto Base64 DecodeNoah ErgezingerTop 5 App

Quadratic Equations Solver (WINNER)

About Zouhair Fakhoury

Hi, this is Zouhair! I'm a Lebanese senior high school student passionate about coding and motorsports. I started programming at 14 years old with Python. I like other tech disciplines such as Cybersecurity, Arduino, and multi-platform app development. I'm planning on following a major in Computer Science to specialize in Software Engineering.

About My App

Being a math passionate, I've always wondered if I could automate some mathematical processes of solving problems. I knew there was something that we use more often than we realize: the quadratic functions. Hence, on the occasion of MecSimCalc's Hackathon 2.0, I made a Quadratic Equations Solver. As its name suggests, it solves quadratic equations in their standard form: ax² + bx + c = 0, providing you with analytical and descriptive results to help you find solutions easily.

My experience with MecSimCalc

I'm so grateful for joining MecSimCalc. I've had a wonderful experience working in its coding environment. MecSimCalc solves the hard side of creating GUIs with a drag-and-drop solution. The interface is very intuitive and easy to understand. It has more features than I expected like the integration of LaTeX, geospatial utilities, handling files and processing images, etc... The best part is that you don't need prior experience in web development. You can simply create a Python web app and deploy it instantly within minutes!

Quality of Life App

About Anika Krishnan

I am a high schooler in Redmond, WA, USA. I love to build social and community apps, especially apps that use data science/analytics.

About My App

At this time, Air quality in my area is poor and some of my friends that have asthma/allergies are having to temporarily move to other locations. This was the inspiration for the idea. When one moves to a city, many things are important for your quality of your life, eg.: Air Quality, Safety, Traffic, Covid Risk, Cost of Milk and Eggs, Housing costs and more.. Wouldn't it be nice to know how the city measures on all the things that are important to you? The Quality of Life app uses many sources to gather data and calculate scores in different areas like air quality, pollen, job climate so you can visualize all the data and make informed decisions.

My experience with MecSimCalc

It was very easy to get started. The examples and tutorials were very helpful. It took very little time to have the triangle example working. While building the application, I really appreciated being able to write the code and test it directly in the browser and was able to build a good app with some UI during the hackathon. Things that would make this platform more powerful include being able to more during inputs ( html/js), more support for additional libraries ( maybe allow users to add). It was a bit hard to debug ( being able to step through Jupyter notebooks may be useful). Overall I really enjoyed this experience and being able to build an app with UI and inputs/outputs without having to learn about all the other systems.

Your Trip Buddy

About Vaibhav Thalanki

I am Vaibhav Thalanki from Chennai, India. I am currently pursuing my undergraduate in computer science at VIT University. Some things I am very much interested in are deep learning and product development. I have participated in quite a few hackathons before this one. I also attended the previous MecSlimCalc buildathon.

About My App

The app that I created for this hackathon is called 'Your Trip Buddy', it gives you information about the weather, airports, and time zones for your trip's destination. I used a few APIs for building the app. It eases the process by collecting information from different sources and putting it in a friendly format for the user to read.

My experience with MecSimCalc

MecSimCalc is an amazing platform to work on and explore. The professor and the students behind the MecSlimCalc project have succeeded in their goals. The website is simply brilliant and I would be using it for a lot more stuff. Ciao!

Auto Base64 Decode

About Noah Ergezinger

I graduated in December 2021 and started working full-time at Ezoic this past February. I actually worked on this website during one of the summer breaks while in university, so I was very excited when they announced the Buildathon. It was great to see the progress made since I had last worked on it and that it was seeing lots of use.

About My App

In a nutshell, Auto Base64 Decode takes a string, finds any base64-encoded portions, decodes them, and inserts them back into the original string. I made my app because it was actually something I needed at work. Many of our web requests contain encoded data, and when debugging, we constantly need to copy the data into a decoder, which gets tedious. I thought it would be great to be able to automatically decode the relevant portions without needing to copy each one by hand. I've shared it with my team, and we've already been using it a ton.

My experience with MecSimCalc

Building a script or tool and easily sharing it was precisely the original use case for MecSimCalc, and I'm happy to see that come to fruition. I look forward to what comes next, and I hope the MecSimCalc team sees nothing but success!

We are hosting another hackathon from November 5th - November 12th 2022, please check out the DevPost to find out more!

Hackathon 3.0 Poster

· One min read

This blog post is dedicated to the MecSimCalc Workshop for the Vivid Hacks v1.5 Hackathon on August 6th, 2022. For more info on Vivid Hacks visit Vivid Hacks and to see the project gallery for the hackathon visit their DevPost.

This is a recording of the workshop detailing how to use MecSimCalc. In this workshop, I create a simple app that returns the product of two variables and prints a message in the output specified by the user. The entire process for making an app on MecSimCalc from start to publishing is shown and takes around 10 mintues. Make sure to visit the MecSimCalc YouTube Channel and subscribe.

· 11 min read

MecSimCalc had it's first ever hackathon in July 2022. This competition sponsored by 1984 Ventures, was aimed to increase the number of users and showcase the versatility of the platform. Users would create an app on the MecSimCalc website, tag it as "Comp07092022" and publish it for a chance to win up to $500. $400 would be given to the app with the highest score and $100 would be given to the most viewed app. However, since we had received so many high quality submissions, three additional bonus prizes were given out to apps that had not won but were innovative uses of the platform. Throughout the competition there were 77 sign-ups and 13 submissions. This blog post is dedicated to the top 5 scoring apps from MecSimCalc's July 9th - July 16th, 2022 Build-A-Thon. To view all apps submitted during the competition, look for the tag "Comp07092022" on the MecSimCalc Explore page.

iMedicZarik Khan, Dorsa Rohani, Videet MehtaGrand Prize Winner (Highest score)$400 CAD
Javelin Power SaverChetan TyagiMost viewed app$100 CAD
Grids for artistsCamilo Andrés Rojas HernándezInnovative use of MecSimCalc$100 CAD
2D Heat Equation VisualizerJasper EitzenInnovative use of MecSimCalc$100 CAD
LymeMLSoham JainInnovative use of MecSimCalc$100 CAD


Bio: Dorsa Rohani

Dorsa Rohani is a current high school student at Pierre Elliott Trudeau High School in Ontario, Canada. From electrical and computer engineering to healthcare and medicine, Dorsa is passionate about the intersection between technology and healthcare. In creating iMedic, Dorsa aimed to define the patient experience, and to address the ongoing predicament surrounding the chronic lack of access to efficient and accurate medical diagnosis. Indeed, across the continuum of care, the execution of ethical medical examination is of high precedence. In her spare time, she enjoys challenging herself, as well as performing the cello with her local string orchestra.

Bio: Videet Mehta

Videet Mehta is a rising Junior at Dulles High School in Sugar Land Texas. He is passionate about both medicine and technology. For the last four years, he has built robots that have been placed at the top of the First Tech Challenge state and world championships. He also does competitive programming and is currently in the silver division of the USACO competition. He learned python and ML just over a year ago. And since then, he has created many medically related machine learning projects. Additionally, he is the co-founder of two ed-tech companies: Project SUCCEED ( and Xceleration (

Bio: Zarik Khan

Hi, I'm Zarik Khan and I'm a rising junior at Dulles High School. I'm passionate about machine learning, bioinformatics, web development, biomedical engineering, and app development. I worked with Videet and Dorsa to create iMedic to contribute to the distribution of medical technology in areas around the world that lack accessible access. Our project was made to detect some of the fatal causes of death in these areas to provide people a way to monitor their health and take necessary action quickly. MecsimCalc allowed us to integrate our python code into an easy, aesthetic, and secure front-end system. We hope to innovate on our current project by improving the accuracy of our calculations, expanding our app's reach, and developing new features.

About iMedic

From the detection of infectious, cancerous, and cardiovascular diseases using a variety of means; to academic tools such as 3D computations of Chaos Theory, iMedic is a multipurpose platform that uses ML, AI, libraries, and big data. As an app created for Third World countries & rural areas, it is for individuals who do not have access to medical support nor fast and efficient examination. iMedic is designed to be used frequently to evaluate one's risks for the most common medical conditions, and to provide users with knowledge of their current health. In addition, iMedic includes cutting-edge tools for research. By including a chaos calculator—that computes & graphs chaotic systems such as the Lorenz Attractor & Logistic Map with yielded data via input—iMedic has many applications to fields extending far beyond medicine, such as data science, math, and CS as well.

Javelin Power Saver

Bio: Chetan Tyagi

I am Chetan Tyagi, who will be joining University of Alberta for the undergraduate in Computing Science this fall, and is very keen to learn new things about the subject and keep up to date with the latest technologies.

About Javelin Power Saver

My app is called "Javelin Power Saver". As the name suggests, this application aims to conserve your energy, and therefore cut your bill. With the help of this easy-to-use app, you will be able to -calculate the power your appliances uses per month -the total money you spend on them in a month -compare yourself with the electricity bill of an average citizen -compare your appliances with popular products in the same range

Why I made this app

As per a report by World Economic Forum, the end use efficiency of electricity in residential environment in USA is a mere 65%, signifying the level of wastage of energy. The waste of electricity ends up in increasing the costs for the user, while also making a carbon footprint on the environment. The application will focus on conserving electricity. The target users of this application will be all the people who use electricity in their homes.

A big proportion of people in both urban and rural areas use electrical appliances and pay the electricity bill. It is common to look at the bill and thinking how the cost can be reduced. But as there is no way of accurately understanding how, we guess on different appliances, which makes the process harder. This application solves this. Also, before getting a new electrical appliance, we will be able to estimate the total power consumption, estimate total costs, compare with average households, and recommend how the user can make the combination of electrical appliances more efficient.

My experience with MecSimCalc

Compared from my previous experiences of creating web-apps, making apps here is much easier than anywhere else I have seen on the internet. It is completely free, encouraging both beginners and professionals to create apps without any hindrance. Overall, this is a great website to work on and I will recommend it to everyone interested in creating apps using Python.

Grids for artists

Bio: Camilo Andrés Rojas Hernández

I am Camilo Andrés Rojas Hernández, mathematics student at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia Medellin, since about 6 years ago I have learned on my own the development in python, its libraries and frameworks, something that identifies me is self-taught learning because over the years I have developed both soft skills and technical skills in the language, I am very motivated by programming and learning things every day.

About Grids for artists

I made this application because since my sister studies plastic arts, sometimes she has problems when it comes to making guide grids for her canvases, so I wanted to satisfy that need she had using python and the MecSimCalc tool, it is very easy to use, plus it has the main libraries, such as machine learning and image processing, in this case with Pillow, the input and output of data is very comfortable, anyone can share and create applications in record time. Awesome!

2D Heat Equation Visualizer

Bio: Jasper Eitzen and About 2D Heat Equation Visualizer

My name is Jasper Eitzen, I’m currently a graduate student at the University of Alberta, pursuing a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering. The work I do for my thesis mostly consists of lab experiments, although I do have experience using Python to analyse experimental data as well as some programming experience from my undergrad and graduate studies. I came up with the idea for 2D Heat Equation Visualizer from having written some simple numerical solvers in the past and seeing that MecSimCalc could provide a convenient way to get inputs from the user. I thought that the results of such an app could look quite interesting since I’ve done similar projects in the past, and I always found it cool to set up an initial condition and see how it evolves over time based on math and physics. With contour plots as outputs, users can play around with the app’s inputs to try and get unique results. I needed quite a few inputs and the input page on MecSimCalc was very useful in letting me lay them all out and provide explanations so that the user could pick values that provide good results. As someone with no experience in web development, I wouldn’t have been able to make something like this app without the interface that MecSimCalc provided.


Bio: Soham Jain

Soham Jain is currently a sophomore with a passion for machine learning at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, a prestigious high school that is ranked #1 in the United States. He works as a Machine Learning Engineer for a local start-up company called Vytal, where he assists in creating novel ML algorithms for fast and comprehensive neurologic and cardiac assessment through smartphone-based applications. In the past, he has worked closely with machine learning models using classification techniques to diagnose medical conditions, such as Malaria and Lyme disease. He has also won several awards from hackathons in the past through developing contemporary algorithms and deploying applications to assist with effective clinical diagnoses. As a technology specialist on the executive committee for his school's Student Government Association, Soham has used his experience in computer science to assist the student body with leading events and initiatives. Soham is also passionate about competition math, as he has competed in numerous national-level contests such as AIME, AMC 10, and MathCounts. Outside of school, Soham likes to tutor other students, play the piano, spend time with friends, and listen to music.

About LymeML

LymeML is an application built on MecSimCalc that uses novel machine learning algorithms to diagnose Lyme disease, a prevalent issue in numerous countries around the world. Research suggests that 14% of the world's population is currently affected or has been affected in the past with Lyme disease, contributing to the significance of this issue. Contemporary methods to diagnose this disease require a blood test. with lab reports anticipated to arrive three or four weeks after the patient seeks medical attention. However, waiting several days to receive a diagnosis allows symptoms to worsen, causing detrimental and irreversible damage to the brain or heart. Soham Jain, a current high school sophomore in the United States and Machine Learning Engineer at a local startup company, noticed that this issue can be resolved through creating a machine learning algorithm that sends an effective and immediate result to the user through image classification and a self-check symptoms diagnosis. This app implements convolutional neural networks (CNNs) and Python libraries such as NumPy and TensorFlow to accurately diagnose Lyme disease. Implementing this app will help several individuals living in remote areas to expedite the process of receiving a medical diagnosis, and differentiate their symptoms/rashes from those of other diseases. With the help of machine learning and MecSimCalc for making this app available to others, countless individuals will receive an instant diagnosis of Lyme disease and can treat their symptoms faster.

My experience with MecSimCalc

With the help of MecSimCalc, LymeML will continue on its mission to aid countless more individuals living in remote areas to receive an instant diagnosis for Lyme disease, and can treat their symptoms more efficiently. Through featuring LymeML as a winner for this hackathon, the opportunities for telemedicine and machine learning algorithms in the future has opened, and soon more accurate and immediate models will be created to diagnose several diseases. Creating the LymeML app through MecSimCalc was very straightforward and many Python libraries were accessible. The documentation and app analytics were also available, making my experience with this website more professional and enjoyable.