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Table Group

Similar to an Input Group, a Table Group allows the developer to visually group inputs. A Table Group can be created in the Inputs step by clicking on Add Table Group.

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The different input types appear in the menu only if an Input Group or a Table Group has already been created.

The Table Group behaves similarly to an Input Group in that the developer can create as many new Table Groups as needed, which are arranged vertically on top of each other. Similarly a Table Group can be renamed, deleted, or dragged to change its vertical position relative to other Input Groups or Table Groups.

Table Group Layout

The main difference between a Table Group and an Input Group is:

  • The inputs share the same fixed width and cannot be resized.
  • The Python variable available in the Code section is a two dimensional nested array (eg. [[1,2],[3,4]]).
  • The number of columns and the variable name are specified by the developer at the top of the group.
  • There is no restriction on the type of input in each cell.
  • Cells can be left empty.

For example, the following Table Group has three columns and two rows. The cell in the second row and second column is left blank. A slider input type is chosen for the input cell in the first row and second column while a single select input type is chosen for the input cell in the second row and third column. The array name available for the Code step is arrayname.

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Don't forget to click on APPLY after changing the number of columns or the array name of the Table Group